Incident Report

Incident Report

On March 28th, 2026, the Hoover Dam was attacked by ███, accompanied by their child, ███.

The following report is a brief inquiry into the incident, comprised of known facts and initial speculations. This is meant to facilitate a broader investigation at a later date, conducted by the ███ or ███ Agencies.

1.1 Incident

Between 02:34 and 04:19 on Saturday, March 28th, 2026, ███ breached the perimeter of the Hoover Dam compound 40 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. While the exact methods used are still under determination, we are confident in the following sequence:
  • 2024 Toyota RAV-4 belonging to ███ found northwest of perimeter entrance on a heavily used two-track road (colloquial: Baja Bungo Trail)
  • Vehicle outfitted with aftermarket lift kit and other OHV capabilities, condition of all accessories like-new
  • Exterior fence cut with a standard set of bolt cutters, also new
  • Perimeter guard executed with single .38 bullet through head
  • Guard’s genitals detached by knife and placed in mouth, penis draped over testicals
  • Mutilation weapon has not been located
  • Small boat carried to shore of Lake Mead
  • Both ███ and ███ rowed boat to cusp of dam, despite working single stroke motor
  • ███ deployed two homemade depth charges that failed to detonate (See Section 6.1)
  • ███ shot .38 handgun into throat
  • ███ bled out while ███ remained alive on boat
2.1 Impact

Potentially negligible or catastrophic. While infrastructure obtained no damage, the environmental cost to water supply by failed depth charges may total multi-billion. Awaiting additional survey and report to ascertain full fallout.

2.2 Media

As of writing, incident relatively unknown to public. Public has no interest in the Hoover Dam and fading interest in news of this category. Reaction will resemble that of foodborne illness outbreak or assasination of state-level level politician.

Media attention is controlled with in-pocket contacts. May spiral depending on water condition. Can be viewed as five-year problem.

If necessary, shift focus to the humanitarian fallout and state-sponsored alleviation in local area:
  • Free cancer screening
  • Increased use of pesticides
  • Future reimbursement for descendants
  • Early adoption of synthetic hydrative nutrition

Should reporting take a political lens, protocol dictates avoidance of cause and effect, with stronger focus on perpetrator’s personal life and neuroses.

2.3 Questions

Expect the following questions from both media and civilians. For answers, see ███ Appendix in ██████.

  • Did ███ act alone?
  • Did ███ have a government handler?
  • Can we prevent this in the future?
  • Should we be scared?
  • Did ███ love his child?
  • Is ███ American?
  • Does this have anything to do with our work on the border?
  • Will this happen again?
3.1 Motivation

Impossible to determine within degree of required confidence.

4.1 Background

This contains the bulk of our knowledge due to ███’s readily available history along with associate’s candid remarks and acquiescence to authority.

Following information can be disseminated freely. All ███ agents must take care to control context in which public receives it.
  • Desired outcome: all interested parties know complete facts about ███ but with disparate framings.

4.2 Biography

███ was born in Plainsview, a city in ███ in ███. Father corporate strategist, mother defense attorney. Second son in family of seven. Prone to excessive failure.

Unverified familial anecdotes:
  • Breaking into liquor cabinet at pre-teen age
  • Long periods alone with family dog in locked room
  • Self-declared president of self-established Porn Watcher’s Association
  • In senior yearbook, ███ lists PWA under Clubs and Groups (see: Figure 3)

Private records provided by the Hands for Life Charitable Fund state ███ paid for three separate abortions during highschool. He did not sleep with any of the three women. Information is corroborated by publicly available financial records, as ███ used money from father’s consulting firm to pay for each operation.
███ attended ███ State University, funded by private loans. Other siblings attended ███ ███ with familial support and scholarship. After leaving institution two years later, ███ moved home and reconciled with father. Father then suffered major stroke.

Between father’s incapacitation and death, ███ moved to Nevada to “found southwestern arm” of consulting company. No record of any business in the west or southwest at the time.

███ met █████ at the ███ buffet line. They soon married and had a child, ███. Father died and left a substantial inheritance, though significantly less than other siblings received. ███ bought house.

4.3 Five Years Out

Loses liquid funds through miscellaneous gambling and pleasure seeking. Majority of wealth haphazardly placed in dubious investments, e.g. private company promising pipework for infrastructure proposal bringing water to region. ███ lost all funds when proposal was abandoned in favor of ██████ Project implentend by ███ Department the following year. Illustrative of systemic trend.

Multiple electronic records and anecdotal reports of ███ appealing to family, claiming he was owed greater share of inheritance than received. Engaged in low-effort blackmail, vague threats of sexual secrets, exposure of history, attempted dog abduction. No mention of suicide.

Family consulting company and investment fund grew in parallel. ███ effectively blacklisted from actual employment. When company expanded into the southwest region bonafide, ███ received token position before removal from payroll. HR file describes behavior as “pathetic and erratic.” Parachute package included stock options.

███ suggested open marriage. Neighbors report he was abnormally concerned with wife’s weight gain and waning affection. One source: “███ said he yearned for more holes to explore.” All remarked he was eager to talk “as if they were close friends.” Child ███ was 10.

The couple found interested third-party: 24-year old male employed at buffet line where they first met. ███ procured large amount of benzodiazepines and invited male home for sexual purposes. Wife requested both males dock penises, meaning ███ would place his penis inside sheath of other’s. Process went FUBAR. Emergency services called to separate the two men.
███ believed incident was responsible for sexual identity of child. However, we can confirm child was elsewhere the night of.

4.4 Three Years Out

███ enters intense cycle of debt fueled by consumer goods and child enrichment. Debt kept afloat by high-interest personal loans, periodic gambling wins, hemorrhaging market assets, and payoffs from promised access of company records to foriegn actors. DTI ratio over 87%.

[███ possibly contacted by the ███ and given assumed identity of ███ at this time. If true, this clarifies documents found on his person at Hoover Dam, including ███, a folder of ███, two ███ and one bottle, as well as the ███ of the .38 handgun (see: ███ and Section 6.1)]

███ lives alone in the pool house. Each weekend spent with child. Weekend activities include:
  • Patronizing strip clubs—male, female, and other oriented (Gifts to strippers primary funnel of cash flow. These were not in exchange for sex.)
  • Sampling dresses and business suits at shopping mallv
  • Scattered attendance at extracurricular clubs, e.g. flower arrangement, greek-style wrestling, culinary classes
  • Long periods in locked room

During weekdays ███ spends time on computer. Pornography, video games, message boards, social media. Latter two interests lead to conspiratorial thinking (see: Section 6.1).

4.5 One Year Out

███ completely alienated from family outside of privately-arranged monthly visits with ███. Wife lives with male from 4.3. ███ faces imminent foreclosure. Material possessions sold piecemeal. Develops legalized opioid addiction from dancing related back injury year prior.

Camaraderie found online. Facebook, ███,, and buffet line forums. Discovers conspiracies, theories, and beliefs. Well-known online under username RedRockitRoller. Perceived targets and actors of conspiratorial thinking and proceeding rage is wide. Varied to dilution. Subjects include:
  • Government inserting unnatural hormones and beta-blockers into the national water supply
  • Government removing naturally occuring hormones and beta-blockers from the water supply
  • P2P Lending Clubs acting on official directive to enslave population
  • State-sponsored child mutilation
  • Technology is unjust and cruel
  • Conventional definitions of sex are Zionist plot
  • Menthol cigarettes increasing testosterone
  • Family members have Chinese blood
  • Demons are real

  • ███ owned supplemental folders of evidence, both physical and digital. First inspection revealed nothing unknown.

    ███ vocal about beliefs to all passersby, which contributed to alienation. Places custom sticker across windshield and bumbers of Toyota RAV-4: ALL PIGS ARE GAY THEY ARE PAID TO BE STRAIGHT. BELIEVE THE WORD OF MYSELF. WE CANNOT RISE UP. WE MUST. THEY ARE POISONING OUR DOG FOOD.

    4.6 Conclusions

    The downward trajectory of his life, combined with pathological interest in sexuality led to an isolated man, devoid of mental and financial stability. ███ placed blame on many targets, creating a cycle of anger, despair, and hopelessness.

    Overall, unremarkable.

    5.1 Child Background

    Despite father’s beliefs, ███ has no interest in gender or sexuality identity. Only fashion.

    ███ comparatively more private than father. Research still underway to detail background, motivation, and other pertinent information. What is of relevance is observation from scene after rescue. Agent ███ reports child acted in following manner once retrieved from boat:
“They were crying, but tears of anger…screamed they loved their dad…he was so funny but could be so stupid. Their father said they were going to the dam to save America, or maybe to make money. They asked when they could see their dad in the hospital then asked who would pay for college and upcoming study abroad trip. They said they heard him speak through his throat wound as he died, though this is doubtful—they would have only heard bubbling blood. In truth, it made all of us consider how our own children would react in such a scenario, as ███ ███ ██████ expected.”

6.1 Internal

Digital fingerprints found on all harddrives suggest ███ was guided through ideological canals. Most activity was conducted through own volition, but not all.

Official contact was centered around fertilizer depth charges ███ created in intent to destroy Hoover Dam. He was forwarded schematics through encrypted message server to which we have slight access. A user by the name of ███1776 provided said schematics. IP address resulted in Code XX when run through internal ███ Patriot List.

It can be assumed that the devices ███ used worked as intended when they failed to detonate. Whether it was thought ███ would in factgo through with deployment is undetermined, and the answer will necessitate a thorough internal audit and realignment.

6.2 To Be Determined

Following investigations should attempt to discern the following:
  • Was this part of a plan?
  • Can this be used elsewhere?
  • What is the financial cost of project?
  • Did ███ have connections we don’t know about?
  • Should ███ be charged in connection with ███?

In short, we are lucky to have suffered comparatively minimal damage in this instance. Though certain facets of ███’s life do suggest larger mechanisms at play. The task force we have to track such cases now is woefully underpowered, and a reassessment of budget may be in order.